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Buying or selling your home is complicated and can be stressful. The Firm is pleased to offer its services knowing that it can relieve much of the anxiety and stress which can plague the process of a real estate closing. The Firm’s attorneys and professional staff work closely with buyers and sellers to determine their individual needs and goals, and to ensure that their purchase or sale of a home is a pleasant and rewarding experience. The Firm takes pride in our staff’s attention to detail and the fact that its attorneys anticipate trouble spots before they become a major obstacle to a smooth and “on-time” closing. Pamela Lyon, the Firm’s real estate paralegal, always makes the “extra effort” to respond promptly and thoroughly to the inquiries from clients and those representing the other side of the transaction. The Firm’s attorneys and staff understand and appreciate the vital role played by the real estate agent and treat them as a trusted professional and a member of the client’s “team.”

The attorneys and staff of Gray & Feldman LLP are also experienced in the area of commercial real estate; including, purchases and sales of commercial properties, mortgage financing and lease negotiation Our attorneys have represented clients involved in matters as large as a lease for a commercial space in a large complex to the purchase of a small commercial building in the Village of Webster.

Our clients enjoy the ease and convenience afforded them by our eastern suburban location.




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