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The Firm focuses its practice upon the needs of a small or closely held business which are varied depending upon the entity’s place in the life cycle of a business entity. Legal assistance is often needed and appreciated upon formation of the entity, upon acquisition of significant property; upon acquisition of or merger with another business; upon securing bank financing; and upon winding-up business operations. Selection of the form of entity (e.g., corporation, S-corp, limited liability company or partnership) often involves the participation of a team of players; including: the business owner and his or her accountant and attorney. The Firm often plays an integral part in this choice of entity process.

George Gray’s practice provides a wide variety of services to meet the needs of the Firm’s closely held business clients. He is skilled in a mix of practice areas commonly confronting clients; including: preparation of by-laws, operating agreements and joint venture agreements; formation and operation of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies; and counsel on state and federal tax law.

Mr. Gray’s practice includes negotiating and closing of acquisition and disposition of stock and assets through traditional sources of bank financing and through mergers of closely held entities. He has played an active role with clients in the drafting of covenants not to compete. This employer perspective has proven invaluable when the firm has been asked to interpret a covenant not to compete affecting an employee subject to its restrictions.

Mr. Gray has often been called upon to assist in planning for transition of ownership from an older to a younger generation. His knowledge of the Income, Estate and Gift Tax Laws is especially helpful in crafting an effective succession plan for his closely held businesses clients. The Firm is prepared to work with a variety of professionals, including: accountants, insurance agents and family counselors to provide a smooth succession of ownership and control of its family-owned business clients.

Clients enjoy the convenience of the firm’s location in a suburban setting.




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