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Understanding Relocation in a Divorce Case - NY State Law

Relocating a home post-divorce with children can be a difficult situation emotionally and legally.

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Hi, I’m Roberta Feldman, and I am an attorney with Gray & Feldman in Penfield, NY. I am going to talk today about the issue of relocation in a divorce or, what we refer to, as a post-divorce case.

Understanding Paying for College When Divorced - NY State Law

Roberta Feldman explains paying for a child's college education when parents are divorced in New York

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I’m Roberta Feldman, an attorney with Gray & Feldman in Penfield, NY. Today I am going to talk about college education expenses for children in a divorce. So this is a question that many clients, who are parents, have:

Will possession of a gift card/certificate affect individual’s Supplemental Security Income?

The answer to the question is: “It Depends.”

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The receipt of unearned income during a month will generally result in a dollar-for-dollar reduction in Supplemental Security Incomespecial_needs_trusts_and_gift_cards benefits (“SSI”); subject only to the $20 exclusion amount.  Whether a gift card/certificate is deemed income depends upon the restrictions placed upon its use.  
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