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How Do I Prepare To Have A Prenuptial Agreement Done? - New York Law

Roberta Feldman talks about preparing to have prenuptial agreement done

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Today, I am going to answer a question that I am asked often which is “how do I prepare to have a prenuptial agreement done?” Now this is something that I recommend you have your own attorney to help you with. The most important part of a prenuptial agreement is full financial disclosure. 

Understanding How Long It Takes To Get a Divorce - NY State Law

Roberta Feldman explains the key factors in determining the time needed to complete a divorce in NY.

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I’m Roberta Feldman, an attorney with Gray & Feldman, located in Penfield, NY, across from Panorama Plaza. Often people how long does it take to get a divorce in New York, and that really depends on your individual situation.

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