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Does It Matter Which Spouse Files First For A Divorce? - New York Law

Roberta Feldman talks to us about filing for divorce

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I am often asked does it matter which spouse files first for a divorce?  And the answer is very simply No. We have no-fault divorce in New York and if your spouse serves you first, you have the opportunity to file a counter-claim and in that counter-claim, you ask for the relief that you are seeking and with the help of your attorney, I would advise you to always file that counter-claim. It provides protection in the event that for some reason your spouse decides to withdraw the action, you can still go forward if that is what you want. 

Understanding How Long It Takes To Get a Divorce - NY State Law

Roberta Feldman explains the key factors in determining the time needed to complete a divorce in NY.

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I’m Roberta Feldman, an attorney with Gray & Feldman, located in Penfield, NY, across from Panorama Plaza. Often people how long does it take to get a divorce in New York, and that really depends on your individual situation.

Understanding Divorce & Separation: Child Custody and Parenting in NY State

Roberta Feldman explains child custody law in New York State

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“My name is Roberta Feldman. I am an attorney with Gray & Feldman in Penfield, NY. One of my jobs, when I have a client come in for an initial consultation, is not only to make them feel comfortable but to educate them.  And today I am going to talk about custody and parenting. Custody is a major component of every divorce or separation as well as out-of-wedlock situations where I have had parents come to me in those cases as well."  


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