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How Do I Prepare To Have A Prenuptial Agreement Done? - New York Law

Roberta Feldman talks about preparing to have prenuptial agreement done


I’m Roberta Feldman, an attorney with Gray and Feldman. We are located in Penfield New York near the Penfield Road exit of 490. 

Today, I am going to answer a question that I am asked often which is “how do I prepare to have a prenuptial agreement done?” Now this is something that I recommend you have your own attorney to help you with. The most important part of a prenuptial agreement is full financial disclosure. And what that means is both spouses need to complete a financial disclosure form. You must disclose your bank accounts, investment accounts, any business interests you have, trusts, anything like that along with your liabilities.  And the reason for that is to uphold the validity of the agreement if it comes into question later on. You should not be able to waive your interest in something that you’re not aware of. 

As part of the prenuptial agreement, it is often included whether there would be spousal support paid from one spouse to the other. And there can be negotiations between yourself and your future spouse or if you each have your own attorney that is part of the process. The other part is for estate planning. We often have older couples who are getting married and they wish to include in the prenuptial agreement certain aspects of their estate plan as part of drafting future wills or trust documents so it is very important to explain your desires to your attorneys and what you hope to accomplish. 

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