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Actions a Parent Should Consider for a Special Needs Child

What a parent can do to enhance the life of a special needs child

Grandparent aiding special needs childThere are a great many things which a parent does for his or her child with special needs.  All of them are important, and many of them are time consuming.  This series of blogs will highlight some of the forgotten actions you may take which affect the financial life of your child and which protect his or her eligibility for means-tested benefits.  Some actions mentioned can be taken before your child attains age eighteen, and others can be taken any time.  These are six actions which, in my experience, can have an impact on your child’s quality of life.  

1. Speak with close family members about their plans for gifts to your child.
2. Secure a 17-A Guardianship for your child with an intellectual or developmental disability.
3. As needed, establish a First Party SNT for your child.
4. Establish a Third Party SNT for your child.
5. Open an ABLE Account for your child.
6. If appropriate, have your child sign a Power of Attorney and/or Health Care Proxy.     

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